Now, whilst it is THE biggest day of celebration in your life & everyone uses that to say “you need to get it just right”, here at Algorhyhm we’re here to tell you while that is all undeniably true, it is also the most fun & forgiving crowd you will ever have, & they are all there to celebrate for you. This means 2 things: you need not reinvent the wheel to make sure everyone has as much fun as they can in a short time, just make sure the right things are done & done well.

Like anything in this world, people are the key to most events & the role of the DJ is to make sure all of your guests have as much fun as they all can at one time. This requires a very personable, approachable DJ who guests enjoy interacting with & the ability to cater to a diverse range of musical tastes.

Algorhythm DJs are specialists in people. People never cease to amaze or surprise you & for all of our experience in events, we still find people amazingly unique. Therefore our personal approach is the most effective way to engage & celebrate with any crowd of people.
With as much personal input from you the client as you’re able to give. Time can be precious so if you’re unable then we have all the necessary experience to direct music flow for the whole evening but we find most clients like to make the first few hours very personal as a reflection of you both.
– we find that once you begin to make a few decisions – your wedding will quickly become a distinct reflection of you & your partner.

We like to approach a sit down wedding as 2 distinct halves – firstly the more formal part of the evening with many speeches & events that set a wedding apart from any other event. Here volume is key – people usually want to talk, eat & drink between speeches. Subliminally your music sets the scene so we do find people like to make this end quite personal.

use your time efficiently because the reality is the night goes by oh so quickly.

The way we view an event is to look at the night as 2 parts.

So – for the biggest night of your life – you want everyone to remember the party & just how much fun everyone had – & that’s why you’ve ended up here because we specialise in making it a night to remember forever.

Don’t take our word for it – read through what our past clients have said about us. If you’re still not convinced then take a look at this:

We are a 15 year player in this Industry & over that time have worked with almost every venue in Melbourne for thousands of different events – & of those, many being weddings, we literally have had a part in marrying hundreds of happy couples over the years. The most beautiful thing (because we do care) is we keep on seeing past clients at their friends events from many personal recommendations.